Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot

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The Health Foundry Infusing Tea Pot has a 500ml capacity and is made from borosilicate glass so you can watch your tea brew to your taste, bringing your tea to life.  It also features a removable lid and stainless-steel infuser making it even easier to use and clean.  Whether you like a traditional English Breakfast, a spicy and exotic Indian Chai or a calming herbal blend, this teapot is the perfect way to enjoy your tea moments each day.

500ml capacity

Borosilicate glass

Stainless steel infuser

Many cultures have a tea ceremony including the Chinese, Japanese, English, and Korean. A well know tea ritual is the Victorian-era 'high tea' or afternoon tea ritual which formed such an integral part of societal mores. Experience for yourself the great taste of pure leaf tea as made in the Health Foundry Infusing Tea Pot.

Specifications: Made in China.

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Health Foundry has drawn on the inspiration of herbalists and tea masters from around the world to craft premium specialty teas and gourmet tisanes.  Health Foundry is proud to now introduce its very own Infusing Tea Pot.  

Directions:  Place leaf tea into the stainless-steel infuser. Add hot water just before the boil (85 deg C) and steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove tea infuser and enjoy.

Turmeric Active Glass Teapot.

  • 500ml capacity
  • borosilicate glass
  • Removeable lid
  • Stainless steel infuser
Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot by Health Foundry.

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