Turmeric Active shaker

Turmeric Active shaker

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Introducing the Turmeric Active Shaker, the perfect accessory for mixing our superblend formulas. Designed with a lock-tight lid, easy pour cap and an internal stirring ball, the Turmeric Active Shaker quickly dissolves and blends our superblend formulas with a minimum of effort in seconds.

750ml capacity

100% BPA

PFOA free

With 750ml capacity, the Turmeric Active Shaker is ideal for blending Turmeric Active with water, milk or juices, quickly and easily by simply combining the ingredients and shaking the container.


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Turmeric Active Superblend shaker.

  • 750ml capacity
  • Lock-tight lid
  • Easy-pour cap
  • Internal stirring ball
  • 100% BPA
  • PFOA free
Turmeric Active shaker

Turmeric Active 750ml shaker.

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