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Turmeric Active gets an update! 

We have updated our already successful Turmeric Active superblend to now include Magnesium.

How does the addition of Magnesium to Turmeric Active help me? Magnesium typically has multiple health benefits for your body; Magnesium assists in the transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth. All of that sounds pretty neat right?

Turmeric Active was already a great product and we have had a great response by you all to its release, but here at Health Foundry we are always striving to develop the best possible products - products that have multi-layered benefits to health and nutrition, products that are easy to use and taste great and we are pleased to announce we have improved upon our already successful formula to make it even better for your body.

The great taste of Turmeric Active, which sets it apart from other similar products, has not been compromised by the addition of Magnesium, so you are still getting the great taste, all of the benefits of the original Turmeric Active formula and now, the added benefits of Magnesium.