Turmeric Active recipe collection

Turmeric Active recipe collection

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The essential Turmeric Active recipe collection contains a collection of 80 healthy recipes and handy hints to deliver the best from Turmeric Active, you’ll be surprised at just how many ideas will spring to mind and we hope this inspires you to experiment with Turmeric Active in your cooking endeavours.

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Introducing The Essential Turmeric Active Recipe Collection. The old adage; “let food be thy medicine”, has never been truer when it comes to Turmeric Active. Did you know Turmeric Active can also be used in cooking? Turmeric Active has a high flash point and won’t spoil or degrade when used in cooking applications or under heat, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for expanding your cooking repertoire.

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Turmeric Active recipe collection.

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  • 80 food recipes

Turmeric Active is so much more than simply turmeric. What sets it apart is the addition of extra active ingredients including Galangal, Zinc and Prebiotic Fibre, specifically selected for their beneficial health properties. Turmeric pairs well with other spices, including cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg and ginger.

Turmeric Active is extremely soluble and has a lovely subtle flavour, so whether it is a warm winter curry, a healthy smoothie or a café latte, Turmeric Active will become your daily go-to health boost.

Turmeric Active recipe collection

Turmeric Active recipe collection.

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